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Montana Matters - News from around Montana
Yellowstone National Park launches acoustic archives
New Egan wheat strain proves resistant to orange blossom midge
Meet Real Cowboys at Montana Pro Rodeo Hall of fame
Researchers release new tool for road, weather information
The Bozeman community donated a record Can the Griz food drive
Seven Communities Receive Grant Funds to Boost Tourism
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Yellowstone National Park restaurants receive environmental achievement award
Bozeman man convicted of government stalking
Elk hunting closes at Deckard Flats

Romantic getaways around Montana
Montana Living presents a few choices for romantic getaways and vacations around Montana.

Homes and Lifestyle
Living Kitchens: Making the most of this important room
Jeff Gilman has been a cook himself long enough to know what makes a good kitchen work - and what doesn't.
So when he takes on a job for a client, that's his approach: make the kitchen work fluidly, with nothing to get in the way of producing great meals and entertaining.
When the owners of a home on Whitefish Lake asked Gilman, the owner of Gilman Woodworking, to renovate their kitchen, Gilman first looked at how the kitchen flowed.

Double Take: Kevin Connolly examines world view of people with disabilites
Kevin Connolly sauntered into the restaurant much like any other 20-something guy sporting a week’s growth of beard.
He had a confident air about him and a devil-may-care attitude. But you see Connolly, 24, doesn’t just saunter like any dude. He swings from Point A to Point B, the most direct route possible, using only his hands.

Bringing back the old ways of kayaking
Ed Hopkins bobbed in the cool evening water of Flathead Lake Tuesday night.
Sitting in his kayak he tucked his narrow wooden paddle under his arm and extended it like a long wing. He adjusted his nose plugs and flipped over in his kayak. Only the bottom of his boat was visible atop the water; then with a swoosh, his upper body emerged and he was quickly upright, using the Scandinavian style of kayak rolling.

Taste of Montana
Montana Italian: Bozeman's Italian restaurants offer authentic cuisine
One of those torrid nights last July, Jim Liska did the Italian thing. After he closed the kitchen, he pulled a chair from the table and sat with his last guests. Exactly. Guests.
That’s how most trattorie (plural for trattoria) owners in Italy, treat their clients. Like friends to chat with, over a glass of good, just “christened” wine, a few slices of a farmer’s salami picked out of the adjacent cellar and rustic bread.

In the Arts
Montana Artist's Refuge in Basin, Montana
by Dave Reese/Montana Living
Set alongside busy Interstate 15, the town of Basin, Montana, is merely a wide spot in the road.
Yawn, and you’ll miss it.
But look a little closer at this town 40 miles north of Butte and you’ll see a town that’s leftover from Montana’s booming mining days of the 1800s and early 1900s, a town that’s for the most part gone bust. Look a little closer and you’ll see a bright spot, where people from around the world gather for a month of artistic inspiration at the Montana Artists Refuge.
Montana Cabin Rental

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