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BUSINESS PROFILE: How the We Trade Network helps build business — through barter
VIDEO: Going underground at the Lewis and Clark Caverns
Nature's Best: The story of Wheat Montana
Sometimes Wild: the controversy over Montana's Pryor Mountain wild horses
VIDEO: Radon Healing at the Merry Widow Mine in Basin, Montana
Cooking up Good Vibrations: tips for allergy free foods
Colstrip: How a Montana town was built on coal

Montana Matters - News from around Montana
The Bozeman community donated a record Can the Griz food drive
Seven Communities Receive Grant Funds to Boost Tourism
Gifts With A Lift program spreads holiday cheer to Montana State Hospital patients
Yellowstone National Park restaurants receive environmental achievement award
Bozeman man convicted of government stalking
Elk hunting closes at Deckard Flats
Program schedule for Montana PBS
Thousands sign up for Medicaid program in Montana
Fall whitefish season good on Flathead Lake
Historical trauma symposium at UM

Santa Claus returns to Ovando
After 14 years of losing weight due to missing Thanksgiving Weekend, Cowboy Claus has rescheduled his annual visit to Ovando Montana and the Blackfoot Valley for the first Saturday in December. December 5th to be exact this year.

Homes and Lifestyle
Living Kitchens: Making the most of this important room
Jeff Gilman has been a cook himself long enough to know what makes a good kitchen work - and what doesn't.
So when he takes on a job for a client, that's his approach: make the kitchen work fluidly, with nothing to get in the way of producing great meals and entertaining.
When the owners of a home on Whitefish Lake asked Gilman, the owner of Gilman Woodworking, to renovate their kitchen, Gilman first looked at how the kitchen flowed.

UM athlete in running for prestigious Campbell trophy
Montana Grizzly Student-Athlete and football team captain Derek Crittenden has been announced by The National Football Foundation (NFF) & College Hall of Fame as one of 12 finalists for the prestigious William V. Campbell Trophy.

Montana Trout Unlimited offers reward for illegal fish planting
Montana Trout Unlimited and its Flathead Valley Chapter are doubling their previous reward offer for apprehension and conviction of the persons responsible for illegally planting walleyes in Swan Lake and Noxon Reservoir, as well smallmouth bass in Seeley Lake. The reward is now $20,000. This is in addition to reward money that might be available from elsewhere, including the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) offer of $1,000 through its TIPMONT program, and another estimated $4,000 offered by a collection of sportsmen's groups.

Taste of Montana
Montana Italian: Bozeman's Italian restaurants offer authentic cuisine
One of those torrid nights last July, Jim Liska did the Italian thing. After he closed the kitchen, he pulled a chair from the table and sat with his last guests. Exactly. Guests.
That’s how most trattorie (plural for trattoria) owners in Italy, treat their clients. Like friends to chat with, over a glass of good, just “christened” wine, a few slices of a farmer’s salami picked out of the adjacent cellar and rustic bread.

In the Arts
Artist Profile: Sheila Miles
The day after Sheila Miles attended a funeral, the raindrops fell hard. They pelted the brick building where she paints and paints and paints. On her canvas, in long blue drops, the rain also appeared. Sloppy, unapologetic, avaricious drops of rain. Then, in the painting, residue from the funeral appeared, too. A boy had died, senselessly, stooping to tie his shoe at the river's edge. The day before, still in her funeral dress, Miles had delivered a lecture to her son, the same age as the boy now dead.
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