Montana Burning: The Documentary on Montana Forest Management

montana burning



montana burning the documentary

Montana BURNED

How decades of forest management 

led to the worst fire season in Montana history


Coming Spring 2018

About the film

Montana Burning is a  feature-length documentary that tells the story of how decades of national forest management led to Montana’s historic fire season of 2017.


As the fires of 2017 are finally dying, the people of Montana are looking back at the summer as one of the worst in Montana fire history.


But what led to this historic year  of fires?

Was it just the perfect storm of lightning, combined with dry fuels?

Or was it more than that, such as the forest policies of the last 40 years in Montana, led by environmental litigation over National Forest management?



The documentary film answers those questions and more, such as:

• What are public land managers doing to increase harvest on National Forests and avoid catastrophic wildfire?

• How does active forest management affect wildfire threat?

• What are the economic impacts to Montana communities from actively managing our national forests?

• How have environmental concerns over forest management plans been met, and what more needs to be done?

From the producers of Montana Living comes this film that is bound to stir discussion, answer questions and help shape forest policy for public land managers.



The MONTANA BURNING documentary is due for release in spring 2018.

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Coming in summer 2018 in Whitefish, Montana, this summit brings together professionals in forest products, public lands management, environmental organizations, and lawmakers.

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