Horseback family experience

Mother and daughter share Montana horseback experience

There is something magical about taking in stunning, unspoiled scenery while horseback riding.

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Western life and tradition holds deep roots in Montana, from the cowboys that rode the open range centuries ago to the family-owned ranches operating around the state today. Western Dreams do come true in this next episode where a mother and daughter experience western traditions, rodeo and ranch life against a backdrop of green mountains and brilliant blue skies.

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They create memories that will last a lifetime as they cross a clear mountain river during a trail ride, feel the adrenaline of competitive rodeo, learn the western art of roping, and become part of the ranch family during their stay.
In Western Dreams, Kara Shapiro and Nya Shapiro experience the western tradition of the Augusta American Legion Rodeo.

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Kara Shapiro and Nya Shapiro ride horses near Augusta, Montana.

They watched with awe as cowboys and cowgirls compete in events of precision and skill, like barrel racing and calf roping. Sharing the thrilling moments of hopeful anticipation during the bull and saddle bronc riding, they cheer for the riders who hold their position for as many seconds as possible. Nya takes the opportunity to meet a few of the rodeo riders and learn more about the training and athleticism western rodeo events require. 

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“Most memorable for me, is to have Nya be exposed to all of these strong women that are confident, that are hardworking,” reflects Kara Shapiro. “To show her that anything she wants to do, she’s able to do.”


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