Skijoring Montana: Skiing and horses

Montana Skijoring Video 2017

Skijoring Montana: classic combination of all that is Montana

Sarah Freeman discovers a heart-racing and horse-powered adventure in Montana

“Events like this are what Montana towns thrive on,” says Tom Finley. "You need to come see it because you will not believe it.”

IN this video, skier Sarah Freeman finds her next adventure in Montana, with skijoring, a fast-paced sport in which horses pull skiers through a challenging course filled with jumps and turns. Competing in the National Skijoring Finals in Red Lodge, Freeman and cowboy, Tom Finley, take their skills to the next level.

“Skijoring is where the mountain people meet the prairie people,” Freeman says.

In the Beartooth Mountains near Yellowstone National Park, Red Lodge attracts winter travelers and skijoring enthusiasts from across the world. As the host of the National Skijoring Finals since 1986, this Montana town is the perfect destination to see a unique and unforgettable winter event with its extraordinary views and Western-style hospitality. 

In addition to the 2018 National Skijoring Finals at Red Lodge in March, Whitefish will be hosting the World Invitational Skijoring competition for the 15th year at their annual Winter Carnival event in January.

skijoring red lodge, montana living, ski destinations, whitefish

skijoring red lodge, montana living, ski destinations, whitefish ski

skijoring red lodge, montana living, ski destinations, horses in montana, whitefish

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