Reels and Rainbows: a guide's life

Montana fly fishing guide Tom Jenni

Tom Jenni guides travelers on a fly fishing adventure in Montana

“I’ve been guiding for 17 years in Montana,” Tom Jenni says. “It was the first job I ever had where I felt lucky to go to work every day.”

In Rainbows Every Day, outfitter Tom Jenni guides two frequent Montana visitors, Beth and Mary, on a fly fishing adventure on the Blackfoot River. With a master’s degree in biology and 17 years of experience as a guide, Jenni’s knowledge of Montana’s classic waterways provides travelers with a fishing trip they will never forget.

“It’s spectacular to be on a real Montana adventure,” said Mary, who makes Montana part of her travel plans every year. “It’s like no other place if you love the outdoors.”

“Bar none, western Montana is fabulous,” said Beth. “…It’s not unusual for us to be on this beautiful stretch of river during prime fishing season and feeling you have it all to yourself.”

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