Montana Audubon active in birding this summer

 Busy birding summer for Montana Audubon

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Members of the Montana Audubon Society have been quite busy this summer. Just last month, Montana Audubon members set off for 24 hours of birding across Montana.

Highlights of the Montana Audubon Birdathon 2020:

  • •72 Species were found
  • 15 Unique Sites Explored
  • 12 Staff and Board Members
  • 24 Species of Concern found

Unique Sites Explored

Kalispell - Smith Lake, Whitefish Lake - Hauser Lake - Sioux Charley Lake Trail - Coulee Creek Ranch Bitterroot Valley - Fort Peck Resevoir - Indian Cliffs on the Rim Rocks - Broadview Pond - Elkhorn Mountains - Helena - Sieben Canyon - Madison Valley - Red Rock Lakes - Southwest Montana from Melrose to Bannack

Download the full Montana Audubon report


The Ruby River originates in a high mountain valley between the Snowcrest Mountains and the Gravelly Range.

Aproximately 76 miles long, it meanders through more than 30 miles of relatively remote and pristine narrow valley before entering the Ruby River Reservoir, wich was formed after the completion of Ruby Dam in 1938. Downstream from the dam the river flows through the broad, agricultural Ruby Valley, eventually reaching its confluence with the Beaverhead River near Twin Bridges. The upper Ruby River, upstream from Ruby Dam, is renowned for excellent fly-fishing and beautiful scenery, but not many people know that it is also an important stopover site and breeding area for dozens of bird species.

This spring, Montana Audubon conducted bird surveys to promote and support partners’ and landowners’ interested in a permanent conservation solution for this important area.

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