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EDITOR'S PICK: Adventure Medical Kits

In the Montana backcountry you need a lightweight, reliable and well-stocked first aid kit. I've used Adventure Medical Kits for years, and have found their products to be reliable, and their pocket medical guide is helpful. (Something good to read while waiting for the elk to cross.) 
Adventure® Medical Kits, a leader in high-quality wilderness first aid kits and trusted by the world’s foremost mountaineers and outdoor professionals introduces the Mountain Series Medical Kits.
Drawing from leading experts in the field of emergency medicine, the Mountain Series feature the most up-to-date guidelines and medical grade products available for when emergencies arise.
Their products include: the Backpacker; Hiker; and Day Tripper Lite. Ranging in price from $15 to $39, the kits are fully equipped for day hikes, multi-day backpacking trips and anywhere adventure takes you. Housed in a water resistant trapezoidal shaped bag, the back of each kit features an exclusive map that lists all supplies and clearly shows where they are located within.
The interior pockets are organized and labeled by injury to help users find what they need fast. Each kit comes with a quick “how to” guide outlining the steps to treat the most common injuries backpackers and hikers may encounter.
— David Reese, editor, Montana Living

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