Fishing's great on Flathead Lake

Montana Flathead Lake fishing report March 1, 2018

Melita Island area fishing well for perch, mackinaw


MONTANA LIVING — f you haven’t already made plans for the weekend I have a fishing report that will expand your possibilities.

Last Saturday Casey Kopel and I caught 8 Lake trout near the shore south of Melita Island.  We did best with a wholefish setup in around a 50 foot depth.  I spent time in shallow weedier areas searching for perch but found none.  The fish we caught ranged in size from 7 to 16 lbs.

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Yesterday 2/28/2018 I made a foray to Big Arm State Park.  No problem driving to the boat ramp.  In a 37 foot depth over heavy weed beds I had the best perch fishing thus far this winter.  
Using a tube jig with an inline smile series hook above made fishing in the weeds a little easier.  It was steady enough in the first two holes I drilled that it was near impossible to check around in other depths.  Three of the perch were right at 12”; genuine jumbo’s.  I used a combination of night crawler and maggot for best results.  

Here also if you go a little deeper 45 to 55 feet your chances at catching a bruiser lake trout are good.  Last year I had word of a 40 being caught here.  
Lake Mary Ronan’s kokanee fishing may not be as fast as in times past but they are running bigger with a lot of 12 inch fish and one fisherman told me he took a 17 incher.  Night fishing seems to be the way to go.  

Other than Turtle Lake for perch the other area bodies of water are quiet.  
Wear cleats as the lake is slippery. 
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Good Fishing 
Dick Zimmer
aka, The Macman

Adding a picture of my Grandsons and I fishing the Flathead around Thanksgiving.  We caught 61 perch. 

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