Dock work on Holter, Hauser lakes

Montana's Bureau of Land Management is temporarily closing some boat launches at its Holter Lake and Hauser Lake recreation sites during annual dock installation and maintenance.

The lower parking lots and boat launches at the lakes’ recreation sites—Holter Lake, Log Gulch, and Devil’s Elbow—will be closed starting around April 14 due to public safety concerns while workers operate heavy equipment along the shores of the lake. Depending on weather, the maintenance work should be complete by the end of April.

White Sandy will remain closed until May 1 due to maintenance needs surrounding the docks.

Weekend boaters will still be able to use the boat ramps at the sites. Other activities at the lake sites will not be affected by the dock installation, nor will the camping sites at Holter Lake, Log Gulch and Departure Point.

For more information about the Butte Field Office’s recreation sites, call (406) 533-7600.

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