Wolf Point adds Fort Peck Chapter of Pheasants Forever

Wolf Point — Pheasants Forever volunteers in Montana have expanded the organization’s influence for wildlife habitat conservation with a new chapter start in the state’s northeast corner.

Officially known as Fort Peck Chapter of Pheasants Forever, the volunteer committee is already making plans to restore upland habitat for pheasants and other wildlife, while educating younger generations on the importance of conservation in Roosevelt, McCone, and Valley counties.

“It’s about teaching our kids to hunt safely and making the land a better place for future generations,” said Brian Kunz, newly elected president of the Fort Peck Chapter of Pheasants Forever. “Our group wants to provide more opportunities for youth to get outside and engage themselves in conservation, and Pheasants Forever seems to be an organization uniquely suited to achieve these goals.”

Since joining Pheasants Forever in 1987, chapter members and volunteers in Montana have made great strides to preserve wildlife habitat and promote youth education throughout the state. As a whole, volunteers have spent $4.6 million to complete 1,677 habitat projects improving more than 46,000 acres for pheasants and other wildlife. It is this local model that will be embraced by the Fort Peck Chapter of Pheasants Forever as they work to complete further habitat improvement projects in northeast Montana - a coveted upland destination for bird hunters across the United States interested in pursuing pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse, and Hungarian partridge.

“Having a young, energetic group of chapter volunteers in northeast Montana is exactly what our state needs to carry on the traditions of upland hunting, create more opportunities for youth hunters, and support further public access prospects in the West,” stated Dan Bailey, regional representative for Pheasants Forever in Montana. “I’m excited to see the future progress made by the Fort Peck Chapter of Pheasants Forever. They are genuine outdoors people and will definitely make a difference for conservation efforts in northeast Montana.”

Fort Peck Chapter of Pheasants Forever

  • The Fort Peck Chapter of Pheasants Forever has elected Brian Kunz of Wolf Point as president, Michael Booth of Poplar as treasurer, and Pilar Kunz of Wolf Point as Secretary.
  • The chapter will hold its next meeting on Friday, April 29, at 6 p.m. in Harry’s Nite Club (4624 MT-13 - Wolf Point, MT 59201). Hunters and conservationists interested in joining the chapter as volunteers are encouraged to attend. Future chapter meetings will rotate throughout Roosevelt, McCone and Valley counties.
  • The chapter will host their first membership banquet on Saturday, October 1, 2016. All proceeds will benefit Pheasants Forever’s No Child Left Indoors Initiative.
  • For more information about the chapter or to become involved, please contact chapter president, Brian Kunz, at (406) 768-8013 / Email.

For more information about Pheasants Forever in Montana, to join a chapter or inquire about starting a chapter, contact Dan Bailey at (406) 586-8137 / Email.

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