Ann Loughlin: a different kind of golf instructor

    To Ann Loughlin, golf isn't just a game.

    Sometimes it's all business.
    Loughlin, of Missoula, has used her tools as an educator and avid golfer to carve out a niche for herself in the world of golf.  
    A former college teacher, Loughlin attended the intensive and demanding LPGA and PGA teaching programs so she could devote herself solely to golf instruction. Her business offers custom golf events to corporations and private groups interested in the recreational, networking and skill-building that golf has to offer. Loughlin saw the synergistic relationship between golf and business and how well golf can incorporate relaxation and fun into conferences, business meetings and client relations. Companies can treat their clients and staff to outings that include golf education, professional tasks, course play, and social interaction in a package that breaks up the often times mundane structure of the usual task-oriented business routine.
    Loughlin provides her services not just in Montana, but around the country.  Groups have the option of coming here and getting a taste of teeing-off against the backdrop of Montana's breathtaking scenery, or having Loughlin coming to their home turf, or travel with the group to another location. 

A typical program will include a golf clinic, followed by a business meeting, or client presentation, lunch, 18 holes, and maybe an evening cocktail party where further tips on golf can be dispensed, business relationships can flourish and friendships can solidify.
During the golf games, Loughlin will play with each group, offering personal attention in the way of tips, or the opportunity to observe her playing. As one of only 500 female PGA/LPGA Class A members, she has a lot to offer.  Loughlin doesn't restrict the fun to just golf.  She puts together combination events, such as golf and fly-fishing, with premier fly fishing instructor, Maggie Merriman, or, for those really big on a Montana experience, golf and a University of Montana Grizzlies football game.  
 "I'm blessed because I have a knack for what I do," she says, reflecting on her good fortune in doing what she loves.  Loughlin still has plenty of time for individual instruction as well.  As a free agent, she contracts as golf pro with the University of Montana golf course between mid-April, and mid-November.  Whenever possible, Loughlin likes to focus on women's instruction as well - she's proud of her standing as one of Golf for Women Magazine's top 50 instructors.
    The accolades don't end there; Loughlin has also garnered the Consumer Research Council Top Professional award, and the Western Montana Teacher of the year award. Loughlin is personable, professional, and contagious in her affinity for people and her love for the sport of golf. Through her ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit, she offers a new spin on the old green dance floor.
Loughlin has some great trips planned for the rest of the summer and fall.  

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