Hemp fundraiser helps Missoula Poverello Center

Montana Grow builds event to help Poverello Center

Growers create social event around hemp

MISSOULA, MONT -  MontanaGrow is inviting farmers and community members to come together for a craft beer at Highlander Brewing Company Sept. 11 to  benefit the MIssoula Poverello CEnter.

The event is MISSOULA HEMPSTERS GIVE BOCK TO CHARITY NIGHT fundraiser.  Hemp farmers in Montana — all 13 of them — form the backbone of hemp production for Montana’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

According to Ian Foley Montana Department of Agriculture hemp manager, only the approved farmers who signed up early got the chance to grow a hemp crop this summer.

 bob quinn montana big sandy wheat farmer organic kamut

Bob Quinn of Big Sandy, Montana

Foley says Montana Department of Ag provided 14 hemp growing operations with a special permit and 13 of them planted hemp in 2017, and access to seed to cultivate the six to nine foot tall dietious plants on about 592 acres.

Most hemp in Montana is irrigated, except on organic farmer Bob Quinn’s wheat farm near Big Sandy, Montana.

 “It turns out if you provide plants with water then they get used to it, but if you don’t give them water, then plants have to figure out a way to survive on rainfall or what was already in the soil, and as you can see here hemp can grow just fine in dryland conditions," Quinn said to a group of hemp farmers that recently toured both his field.

Quinn’s old calving barn, now beautifully transformed into the oil barn business, produces safflower oil for restaurants.  He then gets the used oil back, cleans it, and reuses the safflower oil a second time in his farm tractors.

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Andrew Long, manager of The Oil Barn is also a sponsor for the Hemp event said, “here we can produce another high quality oil, green Hemp Seed Oil which is very different than our golden Safflower Oil.  Hemp Seed Oil needs to be stored in colored bottles, and refrigerated to keep from spoiling, whereas Safflower Oil can be stored without refrigeration for years in clear bottles”.   

Montana state hemp permits allow approved farmers to possess plants, parts or seed since hemp is still listed as a schedule one drug by DEA.  All hemp seed for the Montana pilot program comes from the approved sources in countries where Hemp is legal: Canada, or European sources.

One of the event coordinators and sponsors John Porterfield, with MontanaGrow, the Bonner based mineral company said, “this social gathering will give current hemp farmers, interested new hemp farmers, new young farmers, suppliers, educators, communities, delegates, and sponsors a chance to mingle and share experiences.  US Senator for Montana Jon Tester, the only working farmer in the Senate, has also been invited to this social fundraiser. 

Porterfield said, “There is no better way to grow a new industry in this state than sitting down face to face over a pint of cold Montana craft beer, and what could be better than doing it while raising money for a good cause.”  On Sept. 11th it’s all about The Poverrello Center, providing food, shelter, help, and hope to Missoula, Montana's homeless and underserved people.

hemp grown in big sandy, montana grow, montana living agriculture

Industrial hemp being grown for oil near Big Sandy, Montana

The Poverello folks will be on hand to answer questions about their services, and will offer ways Hempster’s or other community members can get involved.  According to The Poverello, one of the shelters’ biggest monthly needs is paper products, so it’s helpful to have Hemp Farmers, event sponsors, and the community come together to help stock us up on these basic items.

Hemp social events have been happening for a few years in the Rocky Mountains however this Sept. 11 evening will be the first Hemp Event by APA in Montana.

 Event coordinator Zev Paiss said, his Boulder, Colo., company helps hemp farmers find sustainable solutions. He said so when he heard last spring how much MontanaGrow was helping to increase their yields, "I knew we were a natural fit to work together," Paiss said.

From there a Missoula hemp social event was hatched and another one is planned for Bozeman this fall. The idea is to get together every few months informally to share more discussions over the direction of the industrial hemp industry around the region and in Montana, farming techniques, challenges and successes, and maybe share a few more craft beers for charity.  

To sign up in advance and ensure a seat Sept. 11, or to become an event sponsor, follow this web link. http://conta.cc/2gd8XHT     
MontanaGrow is an organic silicon soil amendment that benefits plants and animals.  Made in Montana. 

For more information on MontanaGrow contact John Porterfield, President of Ignimbrite Minerals, Inc. at 406.270.6797.   www.montanagrow.com

about the event

 Highlander Brewing Company

200 International Drive Missoula
DATE Sept 11th, 2017  
TIME 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm 
COST $10 per person includes Pizza half donated to The Poverrello Center
SIGN UP   Alli Cloyd - Hemp Events by APA
EMAIL cloydab@gmail.com
PHONE 937.520.5365
LINK "Click here to learn more."          


Sponsors will have trailers to deliver your donated items directly from the Highlander Brewing Company to The Poverrello Center.  The donation items listed below are most urgently needed so bring them September 11th to Highlander Brewing Company between 4:30 pm and 8:00 pm:
• Large trash bags
• Brooms / dustpans
• Powdered laundry soap
• Toilet paper and paper towels
• Plastic wrap and aluminum foil
• Postage stamps for shelter guests

• Deodorant and men’s razors 

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