Montana Farmers Union supports efforts to clarify GMO labeling

Great Falls, MT- This week the U.S. Senate is preparing for a possible vote on the labeling of foods which contain genetically modified ingredients.

Several pieces of legislation are up for debate, including a move to set up a voluntary system. 


Montana Farmers Union is weighing in by informing consumers of its policy regarding labeling. MFU supports the public’s right to know if they are consuming Genetically Modified Organisms  and Genetically Engineered foods by requiring appropriate labels on foods containing such products. 


In 2011, Montana Farmers Union came out in support of the “Just Label It” campaign. “Support of this nationwide effort to encourage the FDA to require labeling of foods containing ingredients was driven by our membership,” said President Alan Merrill. “Our membership expects transparency. We are committed to helping consumers make informed decisions when it comes to food and food safety. We want the process and policy to include public involvement and encompass scientific review and research.” 


Montana Farmers Union supports independent research on GMO’s and GE to investigate the safety of these organisms. MFU maintains that the responsibility of research, promotion and identification of these products rests on the shoulders of large corporations marketing those products and not farmers and their organizations. 


Furthermore, MFU accepts GMO and GE crops including all classes of wheat when issues of cross pollination, liability, commodity and seed stock segregation and market acceptance are adequately addressed. “Our members should have the option to grow or not grow GMO and GE crops,” said Merrill. 


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