Craftsman charmer

Hoyt Homes revives a classic Missoula craftsman home

hoyt homes missoula craftsman home exterior

This beautiful house in the University District of Missoula had excellent “bones” but the owner was ready to spruce it up.

In fact, the owners wanted truly make this home a showpiece. Hoyt Homes helped the owner create an intimate outdoor living space, they added on to the house to expand the living room and kitchen, and performed a complete makeover to the exterior of the house.

The kitchen is now a showpiece with its marble counters, French kitchen appliances and clean lines. This remodel was completed in 2015. Hoyt Homes maintained the historic look and feel of this Craftsman-style home, while bringing modern function and appliances to the home.

hoyt homes missoula craftsman home living room

hoyt homes missoula craftsman home exterior

The success of this remodel came from the preparation. Wade Hoyt, owner of Hoyt Homes, spent approximately a year designing this remodel in partnership with the property owners and Mike Morgan from Hoffman/Morgan Associates. The house was over 90 years old, so the original kitchen was gutted to be replaced with an expansive kitchen suitable for gourmet cooking and entertaining.

They opened the walls between the existing family room and kitchen by adding steel beams to support the existing second floor. The garage was demolished and replaced on a different side of the property to create more room for the new outdoor living space. "The addition complements the neighborhood and maintains the historic integrity of the University District," Hoyt said.

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hoyt homes missoula craftsman home kitchen

hoyt homes missoula craftsman home fireplace

hoyt homes missoula craftsman home exterior rear

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