Dashing Decor offers new way to decorate

New Columbia Falls company introduces new way to decorate for the holidays 

Dashing Holiday Décor, a new company in Columbia Falls aims to make the holidays more beautiful and less stressful.

The “Luxury Holiday Décor Rentals” business is designed to streamline decorating by shipping items directly to the customer. The items can be hung right out of the box, and at the end of the holidays they are shipped back.


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Customers are able to return the items after the holidays. “Most people want a beautiful holiday setting but not everyone wants to shop for decorations, put them together, hang them up and then have to store them for the next year," the owner of Dashing, Emily Bertino says. "With the rental system, your holiday decorations arrive at your door ready to be placed and at the end of the season, you simply ship them back to Dashing”.

Bertino says she wants to provide a solution for easing the stress  of the holidays. “It seemed there was a need for some way to decorate for the holidays that didn’t involve a lot of time," she says. "I’ve heard so many people complain when the holidays were coming about the decorations, especially about storing them. The idea really grew from thinking of a way that would remove the stressful part of holiday decorating.”

Another feature is the flexibility of having a new décor theme each year. When we were doing the research for the business, that was a hugely positive factor for many people – the ability to change the holiday look in their home or business from year to year.”

The business is online only. There are four collections and each collection has four pieces. Items are rented individually, and checkout is just like on other sites.
Each item is shipped in its own box which includes a return shipping slip. At the end of the season, the customer simply places each item back in the box and sends them back to Dashing.


emily bertino dashing decor

Emily Bertino of Dashing Decor

Bertino says Dashing is geared toward luxury and vacation homeowners, but business owners and interior designers have shown a lot of interest. 
Every piece is made by hand in the workshop in Columbia Falls. Bertino says the items are elaborate. "In the next couple of years we hope to expand operations and create more jobs in the Flathead Valley," Bertino said. "Right now we are excited to finish this year’s pieces and get them shipped out so our customers have great holidays.”

On the Web: www.dashingdecor.com

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