Van Bryan Studio Architects

 Bozeman architecture firm handles wide range of projects

By David Reese, Montana's Finest Homes

From classic Montana architecture to sophisticated urban-styled retreats, Van Bryan Studio Architects is a boutique firm that focuses on providing client-driven designs and full turnkey services.

“There is customized, and then there is a true custom residence,” says Lea Shute, an architect at Van Bryan Studio Architects in Bozeman.
As a custom architectural firm, Van Bryan’s clients are looking for a truly unique home, one that’s designed specifically for them and one that is designed within their budget. A striking element in their portfolio is the stylistic and structural differences
between each of their projects. 

Sally Uhlmann and her family moved to Bozeman from Kansas City and have since worked on five projects with Van Bryan Studio Architects. Uhlmann has been a clothing designer for years, and because of this background she had very definite ideas of what she wanted. When Sally interviewed architects, she was looking for one that would completely interpret her design requirements and be enjoyable to work with during the process. “Van is one of those rare architects who listens to what his client is telling him,” Uhlmann says. “He takes what you have expressed and enhances that, but he also understands the costs involved in building.”

The Uhlmanns wanted a home that would be organic and blend into the grass-covered foothills overlooking Bozeman. “Our challenge was how to make a house that looks like it’s from Montana but one that is softer, perhaps a bit less masculine,” Uhlmann says. "Van did a great job. "
The architects used plaster on the walls to soften them and added unusual elements and unexpected details like a penthouse office with a 360 degree view and a circular breakfast room. The contemporary home has Tuscan-inspired arches and curved spaces that take advantage of the valley and mountain views.

“Some of our clients come in with a definite vision for their home, while others come in with very abstract requests,” Bryan says. “It is more of a challenge when you’re given carte blanche on design. Then you have to exceed undefined expectations.” 
Deborah and John Maschoff are building their Studio Architect designed home in Big Sky’s Antler Ridge. Deborah had interviewed several architects, deciding on Van Bryan Studio Architects not just because of his “engaging personality” but also his holistic approach to design.

With over 20 years of experience, Van Bryan Studio Architects has carved out a niche that blends careful attention to detail with a collaborative approach to design.

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