Whitefish launches 'be a friend' campaign

New campaign educates tourists about being 'a friend to the Fish'

Visitors to Whitefish provide us energy. But recently we have been shocked.

While we are rugged in character, we are also a fragile community that seeks sustainability into the future. Like the natural beauty that surrounds us, the character of Whitefish can be eroded without respect for our community and what we value most.

Kindness for our fellow people, making small footprints in nature, and sharing adventures together — that is the cloth we are cut from. We look forward to sharing this spirit with you.

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As locals and visitors share the experience of what makes Whitefish special, we invite you to join us in our shared values. Slow down. Show respect. Celebrate the spirit of our townspeople that is grounded in natural beauty and playing in the mountains.

Welcome to our quiet little mountain town—even if it is just for a short time as we share our journey together. Be a Friend of the Fish.

Be a Friend of The Fish Checklist:

Be a steward of our community! We invite you to...
 Fuel up at local businesses. Our merchants rely on your support!
 Be extra kind to our workers. They are the backbone of this town.
 Get your ticket for the Glacier National Park Vehicle Reservation System at recreation.gov.
 Avoid single-use plastic. Use or buy a reusable water bottle. Please recycle.
 Hire local guides for your adventures. You’ll learn a lot along the way.
 Pack layers, extra food and water, and wayfinding devices.
 Bring a bag for TP and trash. Don’t be gross. Leave No Trace.
 Give wildlife lots of space and take photos with a zoom lens.
 Always have bear spray accessible on the trail. Know how to use it.
 Be mindful of geotagging. Social media posts can overcrowd local trails.
 Put out your campfire completely: douse, stir, douse, and feel.
 Ignite inclusive conversations and show mutual respect for all people.
 Learn about the indigenous communities who originally settled these lands.
 Walk, bike, or hop on the S.N.O.W bus before you drive.
 Your car is awesome! But please don’t create a new parking space.
 Help us stay healthy. Obey local health guidelines.
 Breathe deep. Be patient when waiting in lines or traffic.
 Breweries, dispensaries and distilleries have state specific rules. Please ask and follow.
 Give back. Text WILD4WHITEFISH to 44321 to donate to The Whitefish Trail.







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