UM president to speak at military draft symposium

50th anniversary of the end of US draft

seth bodnar university of montana president, Syracuse University summit on end of the draft, montana living magazine

University of Montana president Seth Bodnar is a speaker this week at Syracuse University, where he will address some of the most pressing challenges facing veterans and the long-term sustainability of an all-volunteer armed services.

The summit,  “The All-Volunteer Force at 50: Higher Education and America’s Volunteer Military," is hosted by Syracuse and the University of Tennessee. The summit is taking place on the 50th anniversary of the end of the military draft and the birth of America’s all-volunteer force.

The two universities will welcome more than two dozen collegiate presidents and chancellors, as well as senior government leaders and private sector partners, to discuss how institutions can enhance collaboration and introduce innovative partnerships positioned to bolster access to in-service and post-service educational opportunities for military-connected learners.


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