Too close to humans: grizzly killed

Food-conditioned grizzly bear killed Aug. 1

An adult female grizzly bear was captured and killed July 29 after breaking into camping trailers.

The bear was captured on private property south of Red Meadow Creek where the bear had broken into three camp trailers. The trailers were unoccupied at the time, but people had been living in them. According to Grizzly Bear Management Specialist Tim Manley, the bear was captured in a culvert trap that was set within two feet of one of the trailers. The trailers had been broken into on July 28. Once inside the trailers the bear ate dog food along with food in the cupboards.

The  315-pound grizzly had cut herself on the glass of one of the trailers and a fresh cut was found on the left front foot pad of the bear. The bear was not lactating and there was no evidence of her having cubs. No microchip or ear tags were found on this bear. Based on photos, this grizzly bear also looks like the bear that got into garages, a barn, and killed chickens in the immediate area during the last two years.

Wildlife managers decided kill the grizzly bear because of the degree of food conditioning. The grizzly was killed Aug. 1.

grizzly breakin


grizzly breakin

Photos of a camper that the grizzly had broken in to

“It is always regrettable to put in the position of removing a grizzly bear from the population,” Wildlife Program Manager Neil Anderson said.  “In this case the bear was heavily food conditioned and the removal was in the interest of public safety.”

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