University of Montana business school scores high

MISSOULA – The School of Business Administration students at the University of Montana continue to knock the Business Major Field Test out of the park.

This is the seventh time in four years the UM business school students have scored between the 92nd and 95th percentile, putting UM in the top 5-8 percent out of all institutions administering the test.

Thirty-six UM seniors majoring in business administration scored in the 90th percentile or above. Additionally, 15 students who took the exam in the fall also scored in the 90th percentile or above. Overall, the 169 UM students taking the test this semester averaged in the 94th percentile compared to other business schools nationwide.

The Business Major Field Test, administered by more than 500 universities nationwide, measures critical knowledge and understanding obtained by students during their undergraduate studies. It also offers UM’s SoBA a way to evaluate its students’ performance and the program’s overall effectiveness as compared to similar institutions around the country.

The test covers a broad set of topics, including accounting, economics, management, quantitative business analysis, information systems, finance, marketing, legal and social environment, and international issues.

The following 36 students achieved scores at or higher than the 90th percentile on the spring 2016 Business Major Field Test: Shawn Belobraidic, Kyle Brester, Nicholas Bruner, Colton Carter, Bryn Christopher, Evan Colyer, Lane Colyer, Barret Cook, Joseph Desch, Jeremy Gayvert, Christine Gliko, Breshia Hardy, John Hastings, Alexander Karafiat, Anjelika Layton, Morgan Littell, Sarah Lovell, Russell Meddings, Andrew Mikkola, Ashley Millard, William Milligan, Kyle Primm, Brandon Printz, Laura Reed, James Ryan Jr., Brandon Simpson, Brock Stetzner, Whitney Thomas, Lindsey Trent, James Walker, Taylor Walters, Jarvis Weibert, Jenae White, Peter Williams, Tylor Willis and Tifani Zanto.

The following 15 students achieved scores at or higher than the 90th percentile on the fall 2015 Business Major Field Test: Dane Alford, Jeffrey Beck, Byron Boots, David Brewer, Gavin Hagfors, Michael Higgins, Scott Hinshaw, Ian Horwood, Brady Kangas, Frank Pritchett, Katherine Sears, Megan Shelhamer, Perri Taylor, Jacob Todd and Brian Wheeler.

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