Montana Health Journal 2017 Health Expo Schedule

Health Expo 2017 Speaker Schedule

Feb. 18, Red Lion Convention Center • Kalispell Center Mall

10:15 am Joan Schmidt, the Nate Schute Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Signs and symptoms for suicide risk, and prevention strategies.

11 am Jeanette Cheney, The Wellness Education Center - Super Charge the effectiveness of your detox method with ideas for home detox plans. Clear your body to create an optimal environment for nutrition to be absorbed!

 11:30 am Dr. Tammy Stenberg DC, The Wellness Education Center - Introduction to Low Force Chiropractic Technique to relieve health issues related to a compromised nervous system, and Nutritional Response Testing with kinesiology to find your best diet and supplement choices.

 12:30 pm Dr. Katie Carter, Mission Healing Arts, Polson - Natropathic Treatments for Autoimmune diseases. Relieve pain and create healing with natural and ozone therapies pioneered by Dr. Frank Schallenberger. Real and lasting help for conditions like Crohn's disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more without pharmaceuticals!

1:45 pm Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell, Thrive! Coaching and Consulting- The Times They Are A Changin': Effective Ideas to Deal with Anxiety, Loss of Control and Polarization.

3:00 pm Lauren Walker (named one of the most influential yoga teachers in the U.S. by Yoga Digest), Energy Medicine Yoga - A free training on the groundbreaking new Energy Medicine Yoga philosophy and practice from its creator and author of the book Energy Medicine Yoga. A beautiful synergy of Energy Medicine techniques developed by Energy Medicine Master Donna Eden, and traditional yoga poses.


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