Couple is passionate about healing

Hot Springs couple works on alternative healing modalities

By DAVID REESE/Montana Health Journal

Sandra Sitzmann-Kennedy and her husband, Lawrence Kennedy, Phd., have always been passionate about helping others find ways to heal their bodies, minds and spirits. 

The husband/wife team spent years traveling the United States an Canada, doing seminars and speaking on alternative healing methods. The duo pioneered and developed healing tools such as Kirlian photography. This is a method where a photograph is taken of a client's fingertips using special equipment. The person’s bio-energy field is photographed, showing four levels, Sitzmann-Kennedy (M.S., LMT) said. 

The Kennedy Kirlian technique identifies a person's electromagnetic and chemical strengths and deficiencies, she said. Photographs can then be analyzed to help bring awareness to a person’s health situation, she said, and they use therapeutic Magnetic Pulstarr Cold Lasers to help the person's frequency adjust to a higher frequency. Sandra said she and Lawrence wear customized Crystalase Ankhs, which helps them shield and moderate their body's frequencies.

The couple met in Boulder, Colo., in 1981 when Lawrence was working on a film about paranormal activity. Sandra was a school teacher from Nebraska, and was going to massage-therapy school in Boulder. The pair hit it off. Now, they live in the small town of Hot Springs, a happy little burg that they discovered after Lawrence had a stroke in 2004 and they decided to slow down from the international speaking circuit. “We were living an intense life,” she said. “Then all of a sudden we had to take care of ourselves, instead of just others.”

The couple came to Hot Springs for the water and never left. “We came here to soak out all the debris and toxins that went with our city life,” she said. Sandra started a massage-therapy business in Kalispell in the early 1990s, then moved it to Polson, where she still has a studio. Her studio in Hot Springs is in a room at the hotel, where guests of the Symes as well as others can get a professional massage combined with energy infusions and energy-enhancement tools. Clients can top it off with a relaxing soak in the mineral water baths and pools.

Sandra and Lawrence have slowed their lives down, and appreciate the smalltown life they have created. Lawrence is working on alternative-energy solutions for transportation, combustion engines and heating. 

“He still wakes up every day with ideas,” she said. “He’s very driven about what happens on the planet.” Meanwhile, Sandra is busy with her massage business in Polson and at the Symes. “I get wonderful people from all over the world,” she said. “I give them great massages. I’m happy and they’re happy.” 

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