Raising your own sheep



By Montana Living
Sheep can be an excellent choice for landowners seeking to raise livestock in Montana. They are very hardy, they will eat more types of forage than cattle and they do not require a high investment in corrals. They do have a down side. They are attractive to predators including the neighbors dog.

Recently, Montana landowners have discovered that they are marvelous weed eaters and a natural alternative to herbicides if you have a large weed problem. Other landowners have discovered that they work well with catttle and tend to eat the course shrubby plants and keep those types of plants in check.

The Montana State University Extension Sheep program is a demand driven program which strives to assist the specific needs of all Montana sheep producers, large and small. 

The goal of the sheep extension program is to provide programs, knowledge, and assistance to sheep owners throughout Montana and the Rocky Mountain region.

Montana Sheep Institute
A cooperative project between Montana Wool Growers Association and Montana State University, dedicated to developing and implementing non-traditional adjustment strategies that will increase the competitiveness of Montana's lamb and wool in the world market.

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