The Healthy Back Bag

The Healthy Back Bag’s  fun new styles and colors are great to take along on spring break

Spring-break travel doesn’t have to be back breaking thanks to the fun, new line of The Healthy Back Bag® by AmeriBag. Stay healthy and trendy this spring with the industrial chic or exotic energy styles of The Healthy Back Bag (HBB)!

The trendiest bag of 2016, the HBB is the perfect combination of fashion and function that is effortlessly stylish. The whole new line of bright, bold colors like very berry, citron yellow, bluebird and mandarin along with chic new patterns and styles to match any outfit perfectly!
•         Get a refreshing burst of fruit-cocktail coloring of the best-selling Microfiber in new Hot Pink and Mandarin, timeless Midnight Blue and modernized Taupe —along with a soft touch, sophistication, and functionality that will match bold or conservative dressers

•         Using latest 3D printing technology, the NEO Dimensional bag features an embossed hologram style pattern printed directly onto the easy-care polyester fabric in modern greys and neutrals that is sophisticated and genderless

•         The colors of exotic island cultures come to life in everyday fashion with an energetic color pallet in the fun floral Tropical Luau bag

•         Cute, fun and colorful the Baglett is a great functional accessory with a long adjustable strap, making it ideal for a night out, walking the dog or keeping essentials handy while traveling

•         Botanical inspiration for ethnic trends brings an intense coloring to the ready-for-anything textured Distressed Nylon bag, perfect for travel and outdoor activities


The HBB has a unique shape that keeps weight evenly distributed across the back, which means there's little stress on the neck, back or shoulders. It's made to mold the shape of the spine and minimize any strain on the bones, muscles and ligaments. Doctors, chiropractors and sufferers of back surgery all agree that the HBB is the way to keep your bones balanced.
Clever features include the following: 

  • Ergonomic shape to mold to spine
  • Relieves stress on neck, back and shoulders
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Plenty of cleverly designed pockets
  • Easily accessible by the user only with main zip always against the back

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