The art of John Baldessari


April 25, 2018

Book Club and Movie Night: More than You Wanted to Know about Baldessari, Volume 1
Times: 6 P.M.

Location: MAMMORE THAN YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT JOHN BALDESSARI, VOLUME 1, Edited by Meg Cranston and Hans-Ulrich Obrist, available in the MAM Bookstore.

Start the evening off with popcorn and a few informal selections of performance pieces, interviews, and films by or about John Baldessari, including the Tom Waits narrated short, A Brief History of John Baldessari. Discuss the book More Than You Wanted To Know About John Baldessari, Volume 1.

Spanning the years1957 to 1974, it includes never-before-published texts and illustrations of Baldessari’s word compositions that have a literary and graphic impact. In pared-down style, Baldessari uses whatever form is needed to accomplish what he describes as the central task of art making, to communicate in a way that people understand. When describing his writing, Baldessari is typically concise and profound, stating “I never say edifice when building would do.”

Book club selections are available in the MAM Bookstore. Space is limited. Please call 406.728.0447 to register in advance.

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