Tap your inner monster

Missoula  Monster project features youth artists 

Join the Zootown Arts Community Center and SPARK!/Any Given Child Missoula for the second annual Missoula Monster Project.

Kindergarten classes from Lewis & Clark, Cold Springs, and Russel school created original monster pieces that are then illustrated by adult artists.

This project’s purpose is to bring more art into the public schools.  In an effort to foster that, a minimum 50% of the earnings from this show will go towards bringing MCPS (Missoula County Public School) kids to the ZACC for art classes. Join us in welcoming the artworks of nearly 400 artists to our gallery at the grand opening.  Make sure to attend as these monsters will sell fast! 


Bring your own t-shirt and we'll silkscreen the Missoula Monster Project Logo on the front from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm! We have some sizes and styles of shirts to purchase from the Printshop.  If you love your design consider giving a donation to the Missoula Monster Project! 

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