Hot Springs celebrates 2020 with H20 Fest


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H20 Fest is celebration of water in Hot Springs, Montana

The H20FEST Chinese New Year Parade will be January 25, 2020, part of a year-long celebration of water in and around Hot Springs, Montana.

The community of Hot Springs, which has several public hot springs, celebrates Chinese New Year, which starts Jan. 25 and runs through the second week of February.

The H20FEST Bathrobe Ball & Bathing Beauties Fashion Show is planned for Jan. 11, 2020.

The Bathrobe Ball and Bathing Beauties Fashion Show is a competition in Hot Springs where participants showcase their best bathrobes and bathing suits. Judging happens at The Montana Bar, Fergie’s, and Beer Parlor with the final showcase held at Symes Hot Springs Hotel at 9:30 pm.   Prizes for the following categories:

Best Men’s Bathrobe – Modern and Historic Class

Best Women’s Bathrobe – Modern and Historic Class

Best Men’s Bathing Suit – Modern and Historic Class

Best Women’s Bathing Suit – Modern and Historic Class

H20FEST events are part of the United Nation’s Earth Challenge 2020, a global citizen science initiative; EARTHRISE an intergenerational global movement for climate action starting on EARTHDAY April 22, 2020; The Great Global Cleanup, a worldwide campaign to remove trash from streams and rivers, neighborhoods, trails, and parks to reduce plastic waste …. improving habitats, and preventing harm to wildlife, and humans; Footprints for the Future, a collaboration with individuals, communities, and partners to address our food system in a changing climate; Artists for the Earth, a global campaign bringing artists from around the world in every discipline, using the power of their art to express our common humanity. 

Elaborate costumes will be on parade. The process of making the costumes and elaborate animals has been going on here for 9 years, and continues the 3 Sunday’s preceding the parade from 2-10 pm Jan. 5, Jan. 12. and Jan. 19 at the Hot Springs Senior Center, leading to quite a collection including dragons, horses, boars, monkeys, and other characters to parade through the streets  in Hot Springs. 

Visitors are again expected from cities around the region to participate and watch the spectacle of this small town parade.

Schedule of Events for Hot Springs H20 Fest 

January 5th, 12th, & 19th -  2-10 PM — Work on Costumes, Hot Springs Senior Center
January 25 at Hot Springs Senior Center
2 pm Line-up, 3 pm H20FEST Chinese New Year Parade in Downtown, 4-6 pm Community Potluck

After the January celebrations in Hot Springs, nexyt up for H20FEST Celebration of Water is Feb. 14 for a special Valentine’s Chocolate Weekend Event in Hot Springs, Montana.  Other events include an Environmental Symposium, Memorial Day Veterans Awareness, Homesteaders Days, and much more.  A calendar of events and educational programs for this “Celebration of Water” are listed online at including many ways to get involved as a business, resident, and visitor.   All H20FEST events are open to the public. 

H20FEST Ambassador John Porterfield - Wild Horse Hot Springs - 406-270-6797       


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