Haunted Montana: 'spirit' tours

Montana LivingMontana Ghost Tours at Conrad Mansion

Ghost tours at Conrad Mansion

Montana Living — Conrad Mansion presents 'spirit' tours of fabled Kalispell home.

During the museum's annual Ghost Tours, guests travel through the darkened Mansion and hear about encounters with spirits of the Conrad family. Will you see "goblins peeping out" as this vintage postcard suggests?
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If listening to these ghostly tales, awakens a desire to learn more about spooky happenings, the Mansion's Gift Shoppe can help.  Haunted Montana, a book by Montana author Karen Stevens will be available for purchase in the Gift Shoppe after the tour. Stevens grew up in a haunted house and has been fascinated by ghosts ever since. In Haunted Montana, Karen tells of her visit to the Mansion several years ago. What ghostly activity did she experience?

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