Special activities at the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas in Arlee

Rinpoche leads activities

Beginning on June 5th, 2016, Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche as well as many Khenpos, tulkus, lamas, yogis and yoginis will come to the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee, Montana, to preside over a Bodhicitta prayer festival and several extensive practices related to the dakini Sangwa Yeshé.

The center invites all who are interested in joining in these practices in order to pacify all illness and violence in the world and spread peace and happiness to all. Buddhist practitioners are especially encouraged to attend which enables everyone to fully unfold the dual benefit of self and other.

On June 4th from 8-9am, Khenpo Ugyen Wangchuk will give an introduction to the dakini Sangwa Yeshé. From 1-2:30 p.m. Lama Wangmo will give a tour of our garden and a teaching on calm abiding meditation. There will also be a teaching by Lopön Namchak Dorji on the meaning and usage of ritual instruments. 

On the morning of June 5th we will begin our 3rd Annual Bodhicitta prayer festival (Mönlam) at 8am followed by the 3rd Annual Tibetan Cultural Festival from 1-5pm.

 Activities at Garden of 1,000 Buddhas in Arlee, Montana

Schedule of  activities

On June 6th the Sangwa Yeshé Drubchöd with special events on each day as follows:

June 7th: Rinpoche will bestow the Sangwa Yeshé Empowerment.

June 8th: a *Pacifying Fire Puja and ceremony to deliver the deceased.

 June 9th: bless our large statue of Guru Rinpoche as the chief figure to preside near our pond.

June 10th: *Sixfold Chöd ceremony for the benefit of the sick.

 June 11th: Lama Tsomo will give a teaching on calm abiding meditation. 

June 12th: We will distribute the accomplishment substances and conclude with a *Magnetizing Fire Puja.

An Explanation of Special Drubchöd Activities:


*June 8: Pacifying Fire Puja and Delivering the Deceased: This puja is done for the sake of people and animals who have passed away. Through the power of sacred substances, mantra, and samadhi their negativity and obscurations can be purified and their consciousness delivered to the Pure Lands. In order to do this, we need a piece of the deceased's bone, hair, or at least their name to use in the puja.

 *June 10: The Sixfold Chöd Puja: This practice is done in order to sever the continuity of chronic illness and clear away obstacles that deplete one's life force. If the sick are able to attend the puja in person that's the best, but if not one can provide some of their hair or nail clippings instead.

*June 12: Magnetizing Fire Puja: This is done for the purpose of magnetizing resources and fulfilling one's desires. It's best if one can offer a red flower for the sake of this puja, but if not providing one's name will also suffice.

 If you would like us to include you or your loved ones in any of the above pujas, please mail the substance like hair, nails, etc. and a description of your wishes, your name, address, email address as well as a $25 dollar or more suggested offering for each to: Ewam RE: Puja Offering, PO Box 330, Arlee, MT 59821.

Please also contact us directly if you would like to contribute flowers, candles (butter lamps), incense or other offering substances for our Bodhicitta prayer festival. You may get complete details about the Sangwa Yeshé Retreat including cost and accommodations by clicking below!

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