Montana's Best Smalltown Eats

The country bakery served up glazed donuts the size of our heads. We debated between the airstream-turned-taco-truck’s traditional/fusion menu items, opting for both the BBQ pork and fish tacos. In Butte, we took a step back in history on an uptown tour with a Montana Mule cocktail in hand. We found a sleepy dive bar and pulled up a bar stool next to Evel Knievel’s son to enjoy the best fried pork-chop sandwich around. And we twirled fresh tutti mari around our forks while sitting under the Big Sky stars.

Montana’s food scene is ripe for the taking. A week after our Small Towns + Big Eats press trip, my pants still did not fit and my inbox is just as full. Our journalists were surprisingly delighted at Big Sky Country’s foodie-worthy fare.

You’ll come to Montana for the picturesque adventures, but you’ll stay for dinner.



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