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  • Huckleberry Jams and Jellies 8 oz jar

The Huckleberry People

Huckleberry Jams and Jellies 8 oz jar

$ 6.50


8 Ounces of Montana Goodness

Wild Huckleberry Jam was the first product we made when we started our business 32 years ago. Today it is still our number one seller and will continue to be as the Wild Huckleberry is such a unique delicacy. 

Over the years, our customers have fallen so much in love with what we have been offering, that they have asked us to produce other jams and jellies. So, we  now offer more than 16 flavors of jams and jellies.

All of our jams are meticulously prepared in small batches- No Artificial Flavor, Preservatives or Corn Syrup - from time honored family recipes highlighting their wild berries flavor.

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