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Lisa Middleton

Historic Map of Butte, Montana

$ 125.00


Butte, Montana 1884

Restored Historical map 11x14" Lithograph, UV resistant. Reproduction of Hand painted by Map Artist Lisa Middleton.

Every home has a place for a historic map of where they lay their head or hang their heart.  

My original paintings catch light and shadow in ways that only an old map can. My large originals are in easy to frame sizes and arrive rolled safely and packed in tissue.

I digitally rehab old maps and restore them to their original black and white condition, after which I paint them using watercolor, pastels, and color pencils. I then distress them to make them look like old authentic maps.
Each map comes with a historical statement, and I like to educate buyers about their historical significance.
I have a splendid collection of Montana maps including Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and Montana Territory maps from the late 1800's to early 1900's. I also have a beautiful collection of the larger northwest as well as a few antiquarian maps...including the map that mislead the Lewis and Clark expedition illustrating the Northwest Passage.
I believe my work turns old maps into living room centerpieces that will appeal to people on an emotional and intellectual level. The maps simply don't have the same allure without the color.
I keep my color traditional and authentic looking both to protect the integrity of the information on the map AND to help the maps match a variety of interior color schemes. 

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