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Lisa Middleton

Custom Made Lisa Middleton Maps

$ 1,600.00


Perfect for your family or business establishment, to commemorate your honeymoon or travel, we will be happy to design your own personal decorative map.

We work with outside cartographers who gather modern day-data and Lisa finds just the right decorative borders and illustrations to make your map just your own. Lisa will oversee the entire process to make sure you map is up to her quality standard, and hand paint and distress the map herself to give it her signature look.

After you place your order Lisa or Marijane will call to schedule a consultation over the phone, or if you'd like we can email you our questions:

1) What specific cities, towns, parks, rivers, lakes, and or beaches would you like on your map? Are there any other special points of interest you would like on the map...a trail? A scenic spot? An old cabin or cemetery? Buried treasure?

2) Next, we will ask you to tell your special story. What makes this area special to you? Why are you making the map and who is it for?

3) We will ask if you have any specific styles, illustrations, colors, or symbols you'd like us to use on your map. In about 5 days we will email you rough draft of the scope (which can't be changed after approval) and shortly after that we'll send the final graphic layout for your approval.

Then, Lisa will paint the image using her signature touch. Please allow 6 weeks for production. You will also be eligible for 20% off gift prints and giclees of your map! This way everyone in your family or your customers can enjoy the map as well.

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