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Montana Living is the online resource for Montana products.

Montana Living brings your Montana products to  the world. With our 20 years' of aggregated content, Montana Living is also tremendous lifestyle resource to locals  and  visitors wanting to know more about our state and our lifestyle. And this is what helps drive traffic to your products.

Demographics of our Montana Living viewers

We gain about 55 percent of our traffic within Montana. The rest is spread fairly evenly  among California, Washington, Texas, Florida. the southeast, and the East Coast. Our viewers are looking for a connection to Montana, and we provide that connection with our thousands of articles and videos about the Montana lifestyle experience — as well as your products. 

Taking Orders

Orders are processed into our Shopify e-commerce platform. Credit card orders are processed and paid to us, and the physical order gets emailed directly to you for fulfillment. Shipping is included in all orders. Shipping and returns are handled through the vendor who sells the items.

How You Get Paid

When your items sell, you receive the full amount of the sales price, less a 20 percent commission to Montana Living.

 You send Montana Living an invoice every 30 days for the products we sold for you, less the 20 percent commission. Be sure to include any shipping charges that you incurred that were listed on each transaction. We pay your invoice within 10 days of receipt of your invoice. You, as the seller, are responsible for shipping, handling, returns and customer service on the sales order. The sales contract is between the seller and the buyer. Montana Living facilitates the transaction only. Sales tax is not included.

How to Send us Product Listing Information

You will need to email photos for each product listed (up to 5 photos per product). Photos may be sent to You may also use a URL if you have images that are already uploaded to your site, and you may include this URL on the spreadsheet. We recommend you emailing us images, however, as additional URLs in our system will slow down the customers' shopping experience.

Up to 10 pictures per listing are free with each product listing on Montana Living. The product listing includes picture hosting, including zoom and enlarge features. Product descriptions should be only 35 to 75 words. We also place streaming video on your product description pages. Please submit an embed code of your streaming video to us, so that we may place it on the product description page. (Email the embed code or the streaming provider link (Youtube, Vimeo, etc) to

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