• Yellowstone Memories

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Yellowstone Memories

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Yellowstone Memories

30 Years of Stories & Photos

by Michael H. Francis



Few people know Yellowstone National Park as well as nature photographer Michael H. Francis. For thirty years he has worked and played in Yellowstone, his favorite place on the planet. This book is a collection of some of his favorite stories and photos, from bears  and bison to weather and wildflowers. For anyone who loves Yellowstone, this is a memory book to treasure and enjoy.

About the Author

Michael Francis is a full-time nature photographer specializing in large mammals of North America. His wildlife images have appeared in hundreds of publications. He is also the sole photographer of 26 books. He’s an active member of the North American Nature Photography Association and served as its president in 2003. He’s a graduate of Montana State University, and worked for 15 seasons in Yellowstone National Park, managing hotels and lodges for the concessionaire. He lives in Billings, Montana with his wife and two daughters, as well as his 25 turtles and tortoises.

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