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Bottom of the Sky

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The Bottom of the Sky


by William C. Pack

The Bottom of the Sky, a debut novel, is an aching rags-to-riches family saga that springs from rural Montana squalor into the power chambers of Wall Street and Silicon Valley.  The story contrasts the 30-year struggles of an abused sister and brother who, after one abandons the other, seek to claim themselves from their abhorrent legacy. This bare-knuckled tour de force deals head-on with childhood shame, promiscuity, prejudice, Wall Street’s rape of Main Street, genius, madness and violence. It is a tale of extraordinary sacrifice, of discovery, of redemption.

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The Bottom of the Sky is an aching family saga that surges from Montana squalor into the power chambers of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. The story contrasts the 30-year struggles of a traumatized sister and brother who seek to reclaim themselves from their abhorrent past. One escapes, riding fragile genius and stark ambition into a world of wealth and power. The other is left behind, trapped by desecration and addiction, fighting monsters with shards of courage.

Greed and betrayal drive interwoven plots, both global and deeply private, where the FBI, the SEC, and the County Sheriff are not the harshest purveyors of justice. While billions are fleeced from brokerage accounts, isolation and envy fuel deadly confrontations back home. This is a gritty tale of disparate worlds of common destiny.

You will come to know dispossessed children as they become women and men. You will crave what they need, understand how they love, cheer their courage, and hate what they cannot reconcile.  The Bottom of the Sky confronts childhood shame, promiscuity, prejudice, and Wall Street's rape of Main Street. It is a tale of brilliance, madness, and violence; one of extraordinary sacrifice and discovery; one of honor. The story is taut and heart-wrenching...and sometimes funny. It is tender and raw and surprising until the shocking end.

This book is about the abuse of power. It is about heroism.


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