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American Kestrel

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American Kestrel

Kate Davis

Rob Palmer

Media: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-87842-636-2
Pages: 128    Size: 8.375 x 9

Relying as much on brilliant photography every bit as much as clearly written text to explain the life history of the species, the book is exceptionally approachable for even the most novice bird watcher. --John E. Ruitta, The Well-Read Naturalist

Colorful, noisy, and brash, the American Kestrel is the most endearing of North America’s raptors. With its vivid rufous and blue-gray plumage, peppered with dashes of black and white, this bird of prey is instantly recognizable to both novice and expert bird watchers, whether it’sdiving for an insect on the wing or hovering over an open field while hunting for mice. The American Kestrel’s distinctive call, readily heard from miles away, is another identifier that makes this predator more noticeable than others. There’s no mistaking its klee, klee, klee, from which it received the nickname “killy hawk.”

In American Kestrel: Pint-sized Predator, part natural history, part photographic exploration, renowned bird expert and master educator Kate Davis delves into the world of the American Kestrel, inviting you into the safe confines of its cavity nest and favored habitats. You’ll learn about the American Kestrel’s hunting tactics and prey, breeding strategies, migration paths and patterns, and the kestrel’s current status—their numbers are declining, and nobody’s quite sure why. Davis enthusiastically imparts the wisdom she has gained through extensive research and firsthand experience. One hundred astonishing photos shot by Davis and award-winning photographer Rob Palmer illustrate in full-color glory the story Davis deftly weaves. 

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