Urban Hunting: City plans mule deer reduction hunt


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Roundup mule deer management hunt scheduled to begin late November

Licenses go on sale November 1 at 5 a.m.

BILLINGS – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the City of Roundup have scheduled an archery-only mule deer hunt in and around Roundup to reduce the number of urban deer.

Fifty either-sex mule deer licenses for this hunt went on sale Nov. 1.  The licenses are available for residents and non-residents. A current Conservation License and Bow & Arrow License is required for purchase.

High mule deer numbers in and around Roundup, Montana, have resulted in unacceptable property damage and concerns for human safety. FWP, in conjunction with the Roundup City Council, Mayor, and the Musselshell County Commissioners, developed the City of Roundup Deer Management Plan in 2014 to address the urban deer population. Public hunting with archery equipment in and around the town is the primary method outlined in this management plan to meet the goal of reducing the urban mule deer population. In 2022, 90 either-sex mule deer licenses were sold and 10 deer, six bucks and four does, were harvested. Success rates for the hunt have ranged from 8% to 18% since the management hunts began in 2014.

Roundup city officials and the Musselshell County Sheriff’s Department have observed fewer aggressive deer and vehicle-deer collisions since the special hunts began. This is the tenth annual Roundup Mule Deer Management Hunt.

Important details for the Roundup Mule Deer Management Hunt:

  • The Roundup Mule Deer Management Hunt will run from Nov. 27 to Feb. 15, 2024.
  • Hunters must obtain permission to hunt from the Roundup City Offices at 406-323-2804. Offices are open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and are located at 34 3rd Ave. West.
  • Licenses for this hunt are $10 each for residents and $75 each for non-residents.
  • The City of Roundup may assign hunters to specific hunting sites.
  • Hunting will take place on designated property owned by the City of Roundup and Musselshell County, as outlined in the map. 
  • Hunters must bag and properly dispose of deer viscera at the Roundup Landfill.
  • Hunters must report their harvest to the Roundup City Offices at 406-323-2804.
  • Only archery equipment is allowed for this hunt, as defined in the 2023 regulations.
  • These Roundup Management B licenses do not count towards an individual hunter’s limit of deer B licenses they may have in one year.

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