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Yellowstone National Park launches acoustic archives

Yellowstone National Park and the Acoustic Atlas at Montana State University Library announced today the launch of the Yellowstone Collection, a curated compilation of field recordings and a developing podcast series highlighting America’s first national park.

New Egan wheat strain proves resistant to orange blossom midge

BOZEMAN - Nine years ago, a tiny orange bug quietly entered northwestern Montana and began demolishing spring wheat yields, costing producers millions of dollars. What was once a primary cash crop for Flathead and Lake counties quickly became an economic disaster and a major worry for area farmers.
In 2007, most producers stopped growing spring wheat and turned to agricultural scientists at the Northwestern Agricultural Research Center, part of the Montana State University Montana Agricultural Experiment Station for help.

Meet Real Cowboys at Montana Pro Rodeo Hall of fame

Meet Real Cowboys at Montana Pro Rodeo Hall of fame

Researchers release new tool for road, weather information

As travelers venture out onto the Rocky Mountain region’s snowy highways this holiday season, engineers with the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University continue to offer an online tool for motorists looking for up-to-the-minute information on weather and road conditions.

The Bozeman community donated a record Can the Griz food drive

The Bozeman community donated a record of the equivalent of more than 260,000 pounds of food to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank as part of the 16th annual Can the Griz food drive.

Seven Communities Receive Grant Funds to Boost Tourism

HELENA – Gov. Steve Bullock has announced the Department of Commerce will fund seven more projects through its tourism grant program, closing a fiscal year cycle in which the state awarded $1 million to grow Montana’s tourism industry.

The tourism grant program re-launched July 1 under a new structure in which funds previously separated by category were combined into a $1 million pool. The first round of funds, awarded in September, totaled $718,026. The second round totals the balance of $281,974.

Gifts With A Lift program spreads holiday cheer to Montana State Hospital patients

The Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) announced today that donation boxes have been set up at various locations to receive holiday gifts that benefit Montana State Hospital patients.

The effort is part of the annual Gifts With A Lift program that has played an instrumental role in spreading holiday cheer to patients for the past 63 years. The program ensures that all state hospital patients have a gift under the Christmas tree.

Yellowstone National Park restaurants receive environmental achievement award

Yellowstone National Park restaurants receive environmental achievement award

Bozeman man convicted of government stalking

BILLINGS – Following a three day federal trial, a Montana jury found William Krisstofer Wolf, 53, of Bozeman, guilty on two counts: Illegal Possession of a Machine Gun and Possession of a Firearm not Registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. Judge Susan Watters presided over the trial. Sentencing is set for March 3, 2016.

Elk hunting closes at Deckard Flats

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