Romantic getaways around Montana

Montana Living presents a few choices for romantic getaways and vacations around Montana.

Santa Claus returns to Ovando

After 14 years of losing weight due to missing Thanksgiving Weekend, Cowboy Claus has rescheduled his annual visit to Ovando Montana and the Blackfoot Valley for the first Saturday in December. December 5th to be exact this year.

Sands of Time: Kehoe's Agate Shop

The skeleton of the steamship Helena lies rotting in the sand of the Flathead River, the hand-hewn timbers slowing giving way to time and water.
Standing on the banks of the river near Holt, on the outskirts of Bigfork, you can almost hear the whistles of the steamboats and the shouts of lumberjacks working a floating raft of logs.

Camas Prairie School: a Montana one-room schoolhouse

Should you ever have reason to call the Camas Prairie School, located some fifteen miles from Hot Springs, MT, the ringing sound you hear will do nothing to discourage any preconceived images you may carry about one-room schoolhouses.

Great Drives in Montana: the Pintler Scenic Route

Turning off of I-90 toward Philipsburg on Montana Highway One, the first paved highway in the state, the vast valley of farm land stretches out before you; but as you drive closer toward the Sapphire Mountains, the valleys narrow, forcing you upward, past Philipsburg and up over a small pass that flattens out at Georgetown Lake.

Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge

Fifteen thousand years ago, after leaving its home base in northern Canada, a runaway continental ice sheet passed through these parts, scouring the landscape and moving the Missouri River 50 miles to the south. The lakes that now make up the Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge were once a horseshoe bend of the pre-glacier Missouri.

Bannack: Montana's rich beginnings

In early September 1862, freighters from Utah were heading for customers in the Deer Lodge Valley when they heard of this latest gold strike. Realizing they could shorten their trip and sell the goods in Bannack, they made an impromptu detour. This decision no doubt helped many of the miners survive the coming cold months.

Waiting for the Equinox on the Missouri River

In Montana, though, it is only a promise of something to come. March’s third week usually finds us deep in winter with nary a sign of spring, although that is questionable in this year of 2014. The pledge is that it will happen, but the question is “when?”

Montana's Big Open

Late 1800s photographer L. A. Huffman called it “The Big Open,” National Geographic termed it “Jordan Country” and others dubbed the sparsely populated landscape south of Fort Peck Lake “The Big Dry.” The heart of this scenic territory is the small town of Jordan, Montana.

Montana's Railroad History

The coming of the transcontinental railroads to Montana Territory in the 1880s is the single most transformational economic development in the entire history of Montana. This careening generalization certainly deserves explication.

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