Mack Days tournament forges lifelong friendship for Mike Benson, Jason Mahlen

Fishing has a way of making friends.
For Mike Benson and Jason Mahlen, fishing forged a lifelong friendship.
Benson recalls the day perfectly. It was one of those blue bird spring days on Flathead Lake; the sun was out, and fishermen were fishing in t-shirts and shorts. Then he heard a strange noise.

They Come out at Night: grooming Big Mountain

The nocturnal beasts emerge from their dens at sundown, just when the last skiers are making their way down Big Mountain.
Following a path of light thrown out ahead of them, the groomers crawl slowly through the trails and trees, leaving perfect seams of corduroy.

History of the Yellowstone

Call it 670 miles or perhaps more precisely 674 miles, but either way, the Yellowstone River remains the nation's longest undammed waterway. It’s a great river that gathers some of the finest mountain and prairie topography on the planet as it passes peaks reaching 12,000 feet in elevation, the largest high-mountain lake on the continent, dense evergreen forests, buttes, colorful badlands, deep canyons and sweet-smelling sage and juniper covered hills. A good portion of this wondrous river flows in Wyoming, but Montana claims most of it and gives it a home.

Camping in Style: a new way to get in a tipi

For the last 30 years my friends and I have used a canvas tipi to explore our favorite skiing haunts.

Life in the Saddle: a Montana cattle drive

And then there is the sound.The lowing and braying of the cows and calves, the yips and hollers of the cowboys. The sounds come from all directions as you're immersed in a sea of black cattle. The cows bump against your stirrup, moving, plodding, a weightless, shifting, moving mass. Cows search for their calves, their heads thrown back, mooing and bellowing. Amid this sea of confusion...

On the Edge: Coyotes survive, thrive despite development

By Jan Wassink
Coyotes prey on small mammals and birds and are excellent scavengers. Their populations are booming despite encroaching human development. "They are very adaptable. They can live anywhere, do anything," says Jamie Jonkel, a wildlife biologist who has studied wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, bears and other predators. "They're a real generalist." Jonkel.

Sometimes Wild: Montana's Pryor Mountain wild horses

A cloud of dust billowed up in the distance in the dry desert landscape of the Pryor Mountain National Wild Horse Management area in southeast Montana. Far away, like the screech of a hawk on the warm summer wind, came the sound of a helicopter.

Skijoring championships return to Whitefish

Giddyup! The Ski Joring Championships are coming back to Whitefish, Montana as the signature Winter Carnival event that combines a Montana-style winter extreme sport mix of two of Big Sky Country's favorites: horses and skiing.

Hiawatha’s Trail — biking the Tunnels on Lolo Pass

By Dave Reese
The wet concrete walls seeped with water and filled the ruts in the dirt road as we rode our bicycles quietly through the old railroad tunnel. Our headlamps shot narrow beams of light through the long, dark tunnel, through a blackness so intense that by shutting off your light you were immediately engulfed in utter darkness.

S Ranch cowboys capture Custer Ranch Rodeo title

KC and Sarah Verhelst, Bode Scott, and Tim Osswald of the S Ranch in Pryor won the sixth annual Custer Ranch Rodeo held in Custer in June. With 72 points possible, their team finished just 7 points shy of a perfect day. Teams led by KC and Sarah have won the Custer event three of the last six years.

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