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Montana Italian: Bozeman's Italian restaurants offer authentic cuisine

One of those torrid nights last July, Jim Liska did the Italian thing. After he closed the kitchen, he pulled a chair from the table and sat with his last guests. Exactly. Guests.
Thatís how most trattorie (plural for trattoria) owners in Italy, treat their clients. Like friends to chat with, over a glass of good, just ďchristenedĒ wine, a few slices of a farmerís salami picked out of the adjacent cellar and rustic bread.

Summer Salads on the Back Deck

Summer gatherings and pasta salads are synonymous - light, easy, colorful, and most importantly, convenient

Healthy Students: Jennifer Montague takes lead in offering better meals for students

Itís 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, and Mary Brown is busy in the kitchen at Glacier High School. As another cook prepares a batch of hummus in a large mixer, thereís a buzz in the kitchen that hasnít been there in a while. Thatís because the kind of food theyíre serving here is fresh and healthy ó and the high school students are loving it.
So are the cooks.

New cookbook highlights Montana's abundant food resources

OPEN RANGE: Steaks, Chops & More from Big Sky Country serves up delectable recipes by Jay Bentley with artful images by Lynn Donaldson that bring you nose to plate and make you salivate. Not merely a cookbook, OPEN RANGE takes the reader on a tour of the Treasure State's multicultural cuisine and history while showcasing the talents of an outstanding chef and gifted artist.

Southwest Style: barbecue eateries in southwest Montana to drool over

As they say sometimes itís all smoke. But sometimes the smoke has its own importance when it comes to smoking meat. Ask Hunter Lacey, owner of Bar 3 Barbeque Restaurant, located on North 7th in Bozeman. He will speak volumes about how wood and smoke may affect your juicy and tender platter of ribs.

Grilled Elk Steak with Greek Yogurt Sauce

Elk steak is especially tasty, but after a long soak in a bold, garlicky marinade, this recipe makes a great fast and easy meal. The leftover steak is great in Open-Face Steak Sandwiches with Herbed Goat Cheese and Tomatoes, Grilled Steak and Arugula Salad with White Beans and Shiitake, and Red Onions Stuffed with Grilled Steak, Spinach, and Feta. This do-ahead sauce is an easy take on tzatziki, the Greek yogurt dip.

Missoula's Red Bird: a touch of class in downtown Missoula

If you wander into the Red Bird Wine Bar in downtown Missoula, youíll find not only an impressive wine list and interesting appetizer menu, but also a good dose of the color red. The restaurantís sophisticated atmosphere, with black furniture and red walls, is underscored by an impressive hanging red glass panel light display that covers a whole section of the room.

THAT'S ITALIAN! Ciao Mambo can liven up your taste buds this spring

One of Montana's liveliest Italian eateries, Ciao Mambo is sure to liven your taste buds ... maybe even your love life!

International Taste comes to Bozeman

BOZEMAN -- Montana State University's International Street Food Bazaar has become a Bozeman institution, and this year's event, scheduled from 4-7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18, in MSU's SUB Ballrooms, will be no exception.

Taste of Montana: Allergy-free cooking with Miriam Katz

For Miriam Katz, good health comes from the inside. Katz is a nutritionist in Whitefish who wrote ďCooking up Good Vibrations,Ē a cookbook that offers recipes for gluten-free meals. Thatís important for people who suffer celiac disease or who canít have wheat, dairy or gluten products in their food.

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